Ocean Sports Academy

Holistic coaching for Ski, SUP & Iron

Who is it for?

Ocean Sports Academy's are training groups which meet on a regular basis throughout the year following a systematic, coherent & progressive programme

These sessions are for anyone who wants to become better at paddling. We are able to cater for a broad range in paddling ability by allocating differentiated squads – from those who are possibly spending more time swimming than paddling! to those who are currently at a National and International level. To be able to do this we conduct profiling which enable us to more objectively allocate the most appropriate squad for each paddler.

All Academies work on cycles of training which enable us to target specific physiological adaptations and skill components – each cycle is five sessions in total.

Can’t commit to a full Academy cycle; why not try our drop in option? Alternatively, go to our clinic section and select what you would like to do – a one to one or small group clinic.

New for 2017

SUP Academy - Iron Academy (Youth) - Iron Academy (Nipper)

To find out specific information about your Academy and to book, click on the icons at the bottom of the page.


‘Never give up, never give in…’ (Lewis Zamperini circa 1945)

‘Talent is over rated…’ (Johnny Wilkinson)

‘Talent is rarely the determining factor…perseverance is key. I have seen far too many “talented” people fall very early in their careers…something else then, in addition to this thing we call talent must be at play…’ (Glenn Eldridge 2016)

Our goal is not to build champions at any cost, nor to see how many people can win but to deliver a holistic programme designed to nurture athletic ability – specifically as a paddler, but importantly encompassing the broader context of a life development model within sport. The corner stone of the Ocean Sports Academy (OSA) is founded upon the combined wisdom of 22 years of top flight international competition as part four separate British teams integrated with leading training principles borne from academic research and a Masters degree in Sports Science.

Our philosophy is to provide paddlers with enhanced physiological training that takes into consideration maturational development rather than a one session fits all approach – to deliver advanced physiological training principles, superior technical paddling ability and enhanced ocean based skills. And importantly, we don’t take our selves too seriously, a sense of enjoyment out on the water is integral to what we do.

‘few people ever fully reach their full potential…’

(Roger Bannister 1990)

Failing to qualify for the 2004 Olympic Games in the sprint kayak k4 1000m was one of the most painful sporting experiences of my life. However, it forged future sporting performances by learning from what happened. Self reflection and learning from failure is a vital part of sport and one far too many people are either protected from or choose to avoid. The paradox, is that by doing so we are avoiding a means to fast track our future performance by missing out an invaluable learning experience. Learning to understand that to fail is not only necessary, but, that it is okay.  Ultimately, there can be only one winner. Integral within the Academy is a coaching ethos that strives to develop the mental skills to understand this but to be able welcome the opportunity to develop advanced cognitive skills, despite the pain that might be involved.