Iron Acadmey

Iron Acadmey

This is a craft focused Academy honing the skills of future Iron Women and Men.

During the cooler months block training will focus upon the craft disciplines of board and ski along with beach transitions between them. Each session will put athletes through their paces and at times integrate athletes from other disciplines to really push boundaries. Once warmer waters arrive full Iron transitions will hit the water working upon open water swimming and the art of holding body waves all the way to the beach. It is paramount that high skill levels are developed helping athletes to transition between disciplines without loosing kit when fatigued.


Iron Academy will run later in the New Year starting over the Easter Holidays – dates and times will be released closer to the date.

As with all of our Academies training programmes are delivered over five sessions.

* accept where clashes occur occasional sessions will run on Sundays.

For more information please contact us on 07533695031 or email

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