Ski Academy

Ski Academy

What is involved?

The Ocean Sports Ski Academy has been delivering high quality sessions with the goal to provide a clear pathway and support structor for developing paddlers to excel.  Nearly seven years on, over three hundred people from first time paddlers to the nations best the Academy has help produce World and European medalists, National champions from nipper junior through to open, garnering over 80 national titles among them, nine Team GB caps and a host of county championship accolades.

The Academy generally starts in October every year and runs sessions on alternate Saturdays. Each cycle has a different focus, by incorporating Tactical, Technical, Physiological and Sports Psychology training in a holistic approach relevant to the paddler and squad. To ensure continued progression we profile the paddlers at the start of each cycle of training combining ocean based and beach based assessments (see below for Academy dates).

It is important to quantify performance and profiling is a mechanism to achieve this. Profiling is a dynamic process and is essential to the structure of the Academy, squads are formed based upon performances at profiling – this means that faster paddlers irrelevant of age will paddle with faster paddlers in either the Elite or Performance squads. Similarly, developing paddlers are allocated squads which best suit their current paddling standard. The word ‘current’ and ‘dynamic’ are important because paddling standards change, fitness improves, new skills are learnt and efficiency is honed and as they do, so to does speed. When paddlers improve over the course of the winter profiling results provide a more objective way of moving up to a faster squad and equally down. It is important to stress in both instances paddlers are able to reverse the move and move back to their previous squad if it is more suitable. To move up performance standards must be within 10% of the average time of that squad.

How to book

The Academy makes strides to include paddlers who would not normally be able to attend due to lack of personal equipment and have invested nearly ten thousand pounds in skis and paddles for paddlers to hire for that session. When booking onto the Academy simply choose the option which includes the ski hire price.

Flexibility with drop in sessions. Ideally paddlers will attend most if not all of the sessions for that cycle however, we know that with younger paddlers ski paddling is not their only sporting activity for the weekend and clashes may occur. If three or less sessions cannot be made then a drop in option is for you.  When booking firstly choose the cycle you wish to attend, if a ski is needed then choose the ski hire option. When selecting a drop in session remember to choose the dates wanted and if ski hire is required.

*NB it is vital that the paddler attend profiling at some point prior to starting paddling to ensure the correct squad will be allocated.

Academy Dates

Cycle One:

Oct 7th (PROFILING – everyone to attend), Oct 28th, Nov 11th, Nov 25th, Dec 9th & Dec 16th

Cycle Two:

Jan 6th (PROFILING – everyone to attend), Jan 20th, Feb 3rd, Feb 17th, Mar 3rd

Cycle Three:

Mar 17th (PROFILING – everyone to attend) Mar 31st, Apr 14th, April 28th, May 12th


The first payment will consist of the Ocean Sports Club membership fee (affiliated with Canoe England only) plus, that cycles coaching fees. Fees for each five week cycle is £20.00 – the first instalment will be £40.00 (membership £20.00 + coaching fee £20.00) due on the first profiling session of that cycle. Ski hire also available at per session £2.50

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