Downwind – Ski

Downwind – Ski

Downwind is the most fun that can be had on any craft and none more so than on a ski. Despite this, paddling downwind can be immensely frustrating particularly as others seem to effortlessly slip by or continually missing bumps or slewing sideways on bigger days. This is what makes downwind paddling unique, it is seemingly a mixture of art and skill – Chalupski, who is well into his 50’s, is testament to this, being able to challenge the worlds best when the wind is up.  Having spent a lifetime on the Ocean I am constantly honing my skills and developing coaching methods which will help demystify the art of downwind paddling.

We will help you recognise the right swell or bump to go for; when to paddle hard and when to ease off. Ultimately we want to get you onto the faster moving lumps of open ocean swell with the least amount of effort. The aim is, to paddle confidently with correct technique, negotiate swells and above all be safe.

The beauty of St’Ives Bay is not only its stunning coastline but access to a variety of paddling conditions from chasing 200m wave rides at the ‘Poles’ or ‘Breakwater’, downwinding across the bay or access to alternative wind directions on the south coast only 15 minutes drive away. What ever your current ability we will be able to access conditions ideal for you.

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