SLS – Ski

SLS – Ski

Paddling Ski in Surf Life Saving can be a daunting prospect whether you are new to the sport or have to punch out through a head high shore break! Having paddled the whole of my life I am keenly aware of what it is like from when I first started to role around with my ski to excelling at an International level. It was while studying for a Masters in Sports Science and training in London as part of the Olympic racing squad that I developed a far deeper understanding of the components required to become a well developed paddler.

To better help with deciding which clinic is best for you we have separated them by three broad content themes (Ski Intro, Development  & Race Prep).

  • Ski Intro: establishing key elements of balance and how to keep your ski upright using innovative coaching methods in an enjoyable format combined with the fundamentals of efficient paddling technique.
  • Development: a more challenging clinic which gives you advanced surf skills and greater technical efficiency; learn the little tips and tricks of negotiating the surf that your rivals wont tell you. From punching through swells to understanding the art of holding waves all the way back to the beach.
  • Race Prep: 25 years of Elite International racing distilled into bite size chunks. From beach starts to buoy turns, riding washes in the pack or riding your ski sideways back to shore! When you have completed one our our clinics you will be ahead of the pack.

To better provide enhanced coaching we keep things small and personal with one to one options or small groups of up to three (larger club groups can be booked upon request). Ideally, multi session clinics and be booked to fully cover each area.

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