Let us help you to fast track your performance.

Any training is good training - or is it?

Whether you are 13 and starting out on your exciting sporting pathway or 44 and wanting to push the younger athletes – life becomes complicated. The list of things which compete for our attention is almost endless from conflicting demands of family, work, exams, partners, finances and time etc and it can be difficult to determine what the right course of action is.

For example, the ten thousand hour / ten year rule is given as a bench mark to achieve sporting success – but is this actually true; does early specialisation determine later sporting success, should a 30 or 40 year old do the same training as 20 something; what strength training should I do and what should I eat for performance?

With an objective eye and wealth of experience we are able to guide parents, budding athletes or those simply enjoying paddling through the mine field of current advice, separating hearsay and pseudoscience from the latest well founded sports science research that we know works.

A Support Programme for Your Training

The Ocean Sports Mentoring provides you with an objective overview of what you are currently doing and establishes if it is the optimal course of action to take. Benefit from our experience of over 23 years of Elite International competition and the unique insight of being involved with an Olympic programme leading up to the 2004 Athens Games. This combined with a Masters degree in Sport Science provides you with a wealth of hard won practical knowledge underpinned by current research.

We help you to avoid the pot holes that slow you down – let us  help you to fast track your performance. 

Your Virtual Coach

We work collaboratively with you to critically evaluate your training and provides you with the tools to ensure training programmes are optimised for your current goals and life demands.

Ocean Sports Mentoring is a holistic support programme and can be as little as a one off consultation focusing upon an aspect of  your training.

Want a more comprehensive support programme to help plan your year? Then our multi session interdisciplinary programme is what you need. We can be your virtual coach providing oversight of weekly training sessions, help you build a more well rounded, coherent and ultimately effective programme.

From developing advanced cognitive skills, such as mental toughness or excelling in high stress situations to physiological, nutritional and strength and conditioning support.