Surf Life Saving

Bespoke Clinics for Ski, Board & Iron

Surf Life Saving places unique challenges upon competitors bodies. Its a mix of flat water efficiency and rough water ocean skills, combined with developing explosive power and endurance in potentially three different ocean disciplines making it one of the most demanding of all sports to train for.

Who is it for?

Clinics can be tailored to meet your needs from absolute beginners through to Elite and everything in between. Carbis Bay provides the perfect environment to develop and test your skills from flat water technique work, race preparation and dealing with waves – all are within 500m of our Ocean Sports Centre.

Ocean skills clinics focus upon the craft disciplines of Ski, Board and Iron (Oceanman & Oceanwoman) – clinics are based upon technical efficiency, rough water paddling, race preparation and the subtle tips and tricks that make the difference on race day. While each area has a specific course content ultimately sessions and multi session bookings can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group. Simply click on the icon below, select the discipline and the type of session either one to one, or small group.

Alternatively please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss how to tailor sessions to your specific needs.

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Skills focused

It is our firm belief that in dynamic events such as surf Ironwoman/man that it is skill development at the top end of sport, not genetics that set competitors apart. After two decades of competing against, and training with, the World’s best athletes it was obvious why Australasians garnered such God like reverence (from the European nations at least). Interestingly, in spite of their amazing oceanic prowess, physiologically speaking, there would be little difference to any other athlete.

Ocean Skills clinics break down performance related skills in manageable chunks based upon the needs and aspirations of paddlers that will fast track performance.