Performance Profiling

Performance Profiling

Performance Profiling forms the bedrock of any training programme. But, far too often athletes seek the so called Holly Grail of performance in ‘VO2max’ which has little direct impact upon your training. Ocean Sports Coaching brings you the opportunity to quantify your performance in a meaningful way which can be applied to your fitness, training and racing performance. Functional Sports Science Testing enables us to supply you with key data that can be easily used directly within your training. In short, getting the best results in the least amount of time.

Training Zone Optimisation

Make the most of your time and train smarter

This is without doubt our premium service giving you vital information that will directly influence performance.

The world of Sports Science can be a confusing one and getting the best return for your training efforts takes more than just using training zones pre programmed into a watch or from a stripped down formula. Importantly, when life demands impact upon training you need to insure you are maximising limited time.

We remove the guesswork and provide you with heart rate and velocity data when you are at the optimal stroke cadence and distance travelled per stroke by using Maximal Lactate Steady State (MLSS) testing. Training at MLSS is where the greatest physiological adaptations occur.

In order to again the most accurate data testing will take approximately three hours in total (don’t worry, you are not working none stop during this time!) performing multiple pacing strategies at our flat water location.

Once booked onto the Training Zone Optimization (TZP) package you will receive a training pack explaining what MLSS is, sample training sessions and how to integrate these principles into your training to make it more effective.

Stroke Mechanics

Unless you are training to improve efficiency you are simply getting better at waisting energy!

Our Stroke Mechanics Analysis provides you with clear and detailed information in the palm of your hand. Not only will you be given direct feedback during the session on key areas for development but you will also gain access to a detailed break down of your stroke mechanics accessible anywhere anytime. The perfect tool to remind you of where your greatest efficiency gains can be made right before you step out onto the water.

Optimal Stroke Frequency

When you want to go fast you choose the best stroke rate that gets you there. Right? Wrong. Our research agrees with what current science is finding, Humans do not necessarily select the most energetically efficient cadence (stroke rate). In fact it appears that we often choose the least!

Over a series of test distances we are able to not only determine the most effective cadence for you but also stroke distance and which heart rate these occur at.

The testing protocol will last approximately two hours at our flat water location where we will fine tune your optimal stroke cadence to maximise training benefits and race performance.

Can't make it to Carbis Bay? Then why not take advantage of our Remote Analysis package - simply record four short video clips and send them to us for analysis.